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ზეიმი ”ქალაქში” – პირველი რესტორანი საქართველოში მიშლენის ვარსკვლავის მენიუთი

ზეიმი ”ქალაქში” – პირველი რესტორანი საქართველოში მიშლენის ვარსკვლავის მენიუთი

Nicola Iznari, whose art goes beyond the culinary has already arrived from France in Georgia, he is the owner of Michelin Star.

Nicola will offer exclusive, five dish menu for guests, from 12 to 17 May, 19:00-21:30 PM during the whole week.

The dishes are part of the main menu of “Bronze Hall” in the restaurant “City”. It will be changing seasonally by Nicola.

“City” is the first restaurant in Georgia, which has the Michelin Star.

The symphony of Tbilisi with full harmony – the space where all the ornaments and rites of an old city are gathered with all the attributes of 19th century Renaissance Tbilisi. This was the era, when Georgians were most close to Europe, when Rigoletto Aria was sang in Italian.

“City” is the magic place in the city, where is not just a pleasant atmosphere. At the same time you are in the Georgian garden, under Tbilisi sky, the people talk to you from the balconies and they also are waiting for you in the terrace.

It feels like you are the exhibit of the magnificent exhibition.

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