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Государственный музей искусств Аджарии
Государственный музей Аджарии им. Харитона Ахвледиани
Батумский археологический музей
Музей-заповедник Гонио-АпсаросGonio-Apsaros Museum-Reserve Address: village Gonio, Khelvachauri Municipality The museum-reserve was founded in 1994. The area comprises Gonio-Apsaros fortress and its vicinities. Archaeological excavations on this territory discovered materials of Hellenistic period. Public buildings are found together with material items (pottery, bronze, silver, gold, Justinian I coins, etc.). The Gonio hoard is especially significant with its jewels presently preserved at the Ajara State Museum.
Батумский Технологический музей братьев Нобель
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