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The place where you are closer to the past and at the same time you feel the present

The place where you are closer to the past and at the same time you feel the present

– The place where you are closer to the past and at the same time you feel the present, which is full of courtesy of Tbilisi. “Marani” in Old Tbilisi is the restaurant, which brings together old and new, east and Europe.

The whole city is talking about the newly opened restaurant, which is located on Grishashvili St. So I decided to go there with my Croatian guests. From there we went down to Abanotubani, which is especially beautiful in the evening.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about wine and I’m very proud of because the first vigneron was Georgian, because drinking wine and having feast is our culture and because I could surprise these foreigners even today.

Maybe they will never forget this day. Between the toasts I told them all the stories – from King Erekle’s Food Reform to the friendship of Pirosmani and the yard sweeper. They had never heard of Berikaoba or Tbilisi rain of May 7. After all these, they said that they want to return in Tbilisi and in “Marani” soon. So, this one day was enough for them to feel this way.

And then they will probably go there with their guests.

So now it’s time for me to talk about business…

“Marani” is a new place for gathering in our city. In there is amazing cozyness with stylish interior, attentive host and good music, which suits the mood of guest. There are no genre restrictions as well, you can listen to everything – disco, rock, pop, jazz, blues, electronic music. Show programs are constantly updated.

This place can be liked by the people, who have different tastes. For me the most impressive thing about this place is that it brings together modernity and old stuff. The restaurant has balconies and enormous verandah, from which you can see the amazing views of Tbilisi.

And finally the menu… I can’t list all the dishes and drinks, you should taste them by yourself. I can tell you about the most strange one – Chakapuli of mussels, which neither me nor my Croatian guests have seen or taste anywhere else. The open kitchen was not new for them, but here, In Georgia you can’t see it everywhere.

Bye, until the next time in “Marani”… I recommend you the terrace with the view of  Narikala and Abanotubani.

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