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Comfortable Environment and Affordable Prices – GTM Kapan Hotel in the Historical Part of Tbilisi

No matter what reason you visit the capital of Georgia and one of the outstanding cities of Europe, Tbilisi, for, you definitely need to take in account various criteria in order to choose an accommodation.

Comfort, environment, price, catering, location, service – we focus on so many details. And what’s important for you? Maybe everything mentioned above? That’s right…

Even though there are so many hotels in Tbilisi, you’ll rarely find an environment adjusted to you. However, there is a hotel called GTM Kapan.

Hotel GTM Kapan is located in the oldest and most beautiful part of the city, near the Metekhi ascend. It will take you 5 to 10 minutes to get to the cultural and historical part of Tbilisi, see the State Museum, Rustaveli Theater, Art Gallery, Art Museum, and many other important places.

When you walk around this part of the city, you will see that Tbilisi is a place of friendship of special people. First, you’ll see an orthodox church, with its outstanding architecture, then a mosque and a synagogue. Here no one is differed because of their religion, culture, ethnicity or other characteristics, everyone is a friend!

When you come back to the hotel, the staff will only reassure you of this. They always smile and are always oriented to provide comfort for you.

After wandering around the city, the comfort of the rooms will be a real heaven for you (and it is!). A soft bed, bathroom, air control system, a TV and internet, phone, balcony with a view on the city’s sights – all of this is at your service!

You can have a good rest, renew your strength and then continue discovering the city. Besides cultural and historical places, there is a lot of entertainment in Tbilisi, and close to the hotel too!

Notwithstanding the fact that GTM Kapan has a distinguished location and comfortable rooms, prices are very affordable and include a nourishing breakfast.

There is a total of 36 rooms in the hotel, they are ready to welcome guests at any time.

So if you are looking for an accommodation in Tbilisi, even for just one night, any reason, we advise you to choose GTM Kapan as a guarantee of your comfortable stay.

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