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Spend Golden October in Georgia Palace and Feel the Real Charm of Autumn

Autumn has come into the phase when the green colour gradually turns into yellow, while the sun warms us up so wonderfully that we don’t want to miss out on its rays. It is the time when we must get the last charge of vitamin D and meet freezing winter days in good health.

In order to easily live through horrible flus and colds of the season or avoid them altogether, strengthening your immune system is especially important. However, due to tiresome work schedule and overloaded lifestyle it is quite difficult to take care of the immune system. Sometimes escaping daily routine, having a rest and just spending time in the nature has the best effect on our health.

Each day spent in Georgia Palace during the golden season is the precondition of rehabilitating your powers and health. Georgia Palace is located on the Black Sea coastline of Kobuleti that is known for its medicinal effects. It has been scientifically studied that the sea here is deeper than the standard level, while the mix of the sea and mountain air creates a positive influence on people with cardiovascular diseases. Besides, such climate is beneficial for peace of mind and reduction of tension.

Taking care of your health without comfort is out of question. The 5-star hotel Georgia Palace guarantees that you won’t lack either entertainment, rest, relaxation, delicious dishes or beautiful landscape!

The hotel complex never lacks beauty but to be fair, it must be said that it is particularly beautiful in autumn. Spread over a space of 41,760 sq. m, a large part of it is covered with centuries-old plants and a bamboo valley. In this garden, you will see green turning into gold and getting ready for the grey winter in all its glory.

There are many plants in the garden that you have probably never seen before. Silver firs, magnolias, palms, and numerous coniferous trees create a breathtaking image of diverse colours.

An open air salt water swimming pool in the garden, tennis and basketball playgrounds, mini golf ground, bicycles, table tennis, indoor pool, gym, and sauna – all at your service. Hotel offer includes all of the abovementioned activities, and absolutely for free at that.

Hotel complex also includes a spa center where visitors can take care of their body, relax, adjust metabolism, do body correction, detox with the help of special procedures. After these magic procedures, you will feel much younger and energetic.

Surprises from Georgia Palace don’t end here… Visit soon!

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