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Georgia Palace Has a New Italian Chef – Interview with Adriano Colona

We are already counting the last weeks of spring, and thus the question “where and how to spend vacation” becomes urgent. The best answer to this question is Georgia Palace where you can have fun, rest, relax, and get new energy.


The summer fever has started in Georgia Palace too. The hotel is always development and novelty-oriented, to greet loyal guests with amazing surprises and win over the hearts of those who visit Georgia Palace for the first time.


Another sign of this is the fact that in hot summer days guests will be able to discover a real Italian taste on the Black Sea coast in Kobuleti.


Due to Georgian hospitality healthy, natural bio products have always been important for Georgia Palace, and now in addition to this, the hotel has an Italian chef Adriano Colona.

Together with traditional Italian dishes, Adriano Colona will offer guests European and Georgian mixes as well.


The Roof Garden restaurant located in the hotel will celebrate its launch in June. Here guests will have the opportunity to try dishes by the Italian chef. The interior of the restaurant, as well as the whole hotel, will be tasteful, even melodies here will complement the dishes.


Why a successful Italian chef became interested in working in Georgia, what he thinks about Georgian cuisine and what special things he can offer to restaurant guests – Travel in Georgia personally talked to Adriano Colona to find answers to these and other questions.

– First of all, what we want to know is when did your interest in culinary start and how did you find your way in this industry?


Everything started when I was still a child. Back then, grandma and mom used to make delicious food for the entire family on Sundays. I was very curious and would always watch them. It was then that I felt interest towards culinary and this exact period became a turning point in defining my future life.


Correspondingly, I can say that my interest towards culinary started in the early childhood and I started working in this industry when I was still very young. Generally, we, Italians, do everything with passion and zest, and I am no different. I am an Italian chef experienced in cuisines of other countries.


– What do you think is the most difficult and the easiest part of your job?


I love my profession and when you love something, you do it happily and with zest. So for me everything in my profession is “an easy and good part”.


– As you mentioned, you know cuisines of different countries but I still want to ask you, what was the reason of your coming to Georgia?


The reason of coming to Georgia was business and also travelling. I wanted to discover this beautiful country with its culture. And of course, alongside all this I wanted to study Georgian cuisine with all its peculiarities.


– What will you try to surprise Georgia Palace hotel guests with from the well-known Italian cuisine?


Italian cuisine is indeed well-known and loved by everybody. I came to Georgia to prepare real Italian dishes and give the guests of Georgia Palace the opportunity to feel the real Italian taste at the Black Sea coast!

– The Roof Garden restaurant of the Georgia Palace hotel will welcome summer in with a new taste and energy. What can guests expect from you?


For summer 2019 the Roof Garden restaurant will get a new concept, this will be the traditional Italian cuisine. Restaurant’s name will be Roof Garden “LA TERRAZA”, with an open terrace.


– What do you think about Georgian dishes, what’s your view on the Georgian taste?


I think that Georgian food is very authentic, as a lover of spices and aromas, I am very much interested in how delicious Georgian dishes are made. As I already told you, I love travelling and experiencing new tastes. Studying “mysteries” of Georgian cuisine will enrich my portfolio.


– And my final question, what is one day of a chef like?


Life of a chef starts early in the morning, as he has to make sure that all products are ready and selected. Meat and fish, vegetables, etc. – everything has to be fresh and natural!


Work in the kitchen is quite active and diverse. Starting from breakfast until supper, everything has to be ideal. Wishes and evaluations of every guest are important to me. As the main chef, it is my responsibility to check each guest’s opinion, satisfaction or claim. As the leader, I must watch my staff’s work to make sure they are always ready to provide smooth service. On the other side, they must get a chance to learn something new every day.

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