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Georgian road closures and restrictions

Traffic is prohibited for all types of transported along the 8th-24th section of the Lentekhi-Babari road in western Georgia due to heavy snowfall yesterday, the Georgian Regional Development Ministry and Infrastructure reports.

The 1st-8th section of the road is open for all vehicles.

Restrictions are still in play for the Pasanauri-Gudauri road in eastern Georgia where the road  is closed to trailers, semi-trailers and buses with more than 30 seats, while movement is open to regular cars with anti-skid chains and off-road vehicles.

On the 85th section of the Mleta-Gudauri road vehicles are allowed to move in a non-stop regime.

The movement of all vehicles is prohibited on the Gudauri-Kodi road due to a risk of avalanche.

On the 90th-112th section of the Akhaltsikhe-Ninotsminda road, which is on the border with Armenia, cars are now allowed to move. Restrictions remain in force for trailers, semi-trailers and buses with more than 30 seats.

On the 173rd-186th road section of the Zugdidi-Jvari-Mestia-Laslidi road, which is also known as the Kala-Ushguli section, the road is closed to all transport due to the risk of avalanche.

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