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Glass Veranda with a Special View and Live Music – Novelties Offered by Marani Restaurant

Glass Veranda with a Special View and Live Music – Novelties Offered by Marani Restaurant

Nice atmosphere, service, dishes, views, tasteful music – what else would you need while searching for a place to spend a cool autumn evening? It is not so easy to gather all of these in one place, but Marani Restaurant really managed to and won the heart of the city.

The restaurant that was opened a few months ago in Grishashvili descend, has already become a favourite among the residents and guests of Tbilisi.

An unbelievable coziness reigns in the Marani hall, created by the sophisticated interior design, caring staff, and tasteful music that corresponds to the preferences and mood of the guests. There are no genre limitations here. Rock, pop, jazz, blues, electronic music – here you can listen to anything.

There are some special novelties regarding music in the restaurant that we would gladly share with our guests. On Mondays and Thursdays pianist Gigi Wonder plays at Marani.

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays we have DJ evenings, while on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays various musical events are organized.

Marani team keeps putting effort to make the restaurant the favourite place for guests of all segments and requirements. That’s why they offer many different music evenings.

This place will satisfy the demands of guests of all ages and preferences, as here you will find the most impressing synthesis of modern and antique. However the face of the restaurant is undoubtedly its balconies and a huge veranda with breathtaking views of the entire Old Tbilisi. From here you are the closest to the majesty of Old Tbilisi.

Despite wonderful views, some guests avoid places on the veranda because of the cold, but not in Marani. Notwithstanding the cool evenings, you can settle on the amazing veranda, as it was closed with glass that will be removed once again in warmer weather. Until then you can enjoy views of Tbilisi behind the glass.

We spoke a lot about the atmosphere but it’s time to speak about the majestic cuisine. You will find a lot of unusual and exotic dishes in the menu. Moroccan chef cooks Georgian and European dishes, creates new flavours to make sure that guests only leave charmed by his dishes.

So, don’t be afraid of the cold autumn evenings, as there is such a place as Marani Restaurant that regardless of the weather creates the cozy atmosphere necessary for rest and entertainment. Here you will find a lot of novelties, and if it hasn’t become your favourite space yet, it soon will.

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