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Posted by Restaurant Qalaqi • რესტორანი ქალაქი on სამშაბათი, 20 თებერვალი, 2018
The purpose of creating “Qalaqi” is to revive the lifestyle of the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century Tbilisi and merge it with the modern world.
Beautiful, sophisticated interior was designed by inspiration of the 19th century architecture of Tbilisi. Different halls – yard, apartment, terrace, library, lounge and bronze hall – all together create an ideal space that is focused on the maximum comfort and pleasure of each guest.
Qalaqi invited French chefs in order to bring in the culinary innovations and modern technologies. Michelin star Chef Nicolas Isnard and his team member David Tavernier studied taste, ingredients and preparation technology of Georgian dishes in detail. Together with Georgian cooks, they worked on the lightening of traditional dishes during one year. Some of them were transformed according to the world culinary standards and as a result, Georgian Fusion dishes were created. These dishes will be added to our menu seasonally, so we will constantly offer new flavors to our guests. Besides Georgian Fusion, guests can taste Georgian traditional and world famous dishes.
French chefs have created unique dishes specially for Qalaqi and our confectionery and sweets are also made according to their recipes. Together with Georgian cooks and the help of modern culinary technologies, we continue to work on transforming Georgian traditional dishes. World famous chefs will periodically visit Qalaqi, which will increase the knowledge and experience of Georgian cooks.
Qalaqi – is a museum with delicious food, best Georgian and European wines, sophisticated music program and respectful staff, which allows every guest to travel in time and space, to touch, to taste and to feel the environment in which we would have lived, if not the 20th century historical events, that made radical changes in Georgian lifestyle.
Qalaqi is a place where you will always find what you miss and love.
Qalaqi – Created for You.

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