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Merab Sepashvili, Dato Iluridze with live band, DJ Zuk – Find Out Offers by Marani Restaurant on St. George’s Day

November 23, St. George’s Day, the line between autumn and winter… During this time autumn weather gives the city its last warmth of golden sunshine. St. George’s Day is one of the beloved holidays for Georgians, that’s why everyone tries to spend this day in a special, warm, cozy, and comfortable environment. You will find all of this under one roof at Marani restaurant.

It has been six months since Marani was opened in Grishashvili descent, though it has already won the heart of Tbilisi, noted by all guests for its uniqueness.

Restaurant and bar Marani is adapted to suit the tastes of any age, all guests notice how impressively the modern and the antique are combined here.

Here everything is special – cuisine, atmosphere, service, music, though of course the calling card of Marani is still its terrace, from which amazing views of Tbilisi unfold in front of you. Here you are the closest to the grandeur and history of Old Tbilisi.

As the guests really enjoy sitting on the terrace and watching the view, the restaurant closed it with glass partitions, so that the guests are not scared away by cold evenings and can settle in to continue enjoying Tbilisi views.

It is in this wonderful atmosphere that you can spend the evening of the St. George’s Day. Starting from 8:00 pm Merab Sepashvili, Dato Iluridze with a live band, and DJ Zuk will take care of your elevated mood.

Moroccan chef will prepare delicious dishes and share new flavours with you. You can choose your drinks to complement the food – the selection is large, it all depends on your preferences.

So, no need to be afraid of the cold evenings at the end of autumn, create a mood and give an unforgettable St. George’s Day to important people in your life. Visit Marani and discover the new life of Old Tbilisi.

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