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Resort Askana

Askana has been developed on the right slope of the narrow gorgeof river Bakhvistskali. The name of the village according to one versionis linked with the descendant of god of wine, Bacchus, son of Unasis, Askanos. It was also said that during epidemic in Guria
only residents of this village survived and after that were named ‘askanianebi’ (in Georgian, ‘having hundred skins’). In Paleogenic age, as a result of sedimentation of underwater volcano ash in sea water, clay was created which turned out to exist on the territory of the village of Mtispiri in the community of Askana. Local population used this clay for washing heads and sold it in the open market. In 1916 geologist Alexander Tvalchrelidze saw clay on sale and was struck with the idea that it was precious fossil. Clay was called ‘Askanite’. Serious interest toward quarry in the village of Mtispiri was triggered in the middle of XX century. In 1952-59 clay mining and clay processing factory was built manufacturing two kinds of products: bentonite for wineries and molding clay. Today bentonites are used to prepare clay solutions during operation of reconnaissance and employment of drilling appliances, in paper production, in textile and food industries as well as in many spheres of agricultural production. Bentobol preparation in the form of tablets made of clay from bentonite clay quarries is well-known in medicine. It is administered for curing irritation of mucous membrane of a stomach. Stocks of Askanite clay were is the amount of 10 million tons. Today only its half has remained. To the South-Eastern part of clay quarry there is unique mud and sulphuric water discovered in 1945 which became famous with its unique therapeutic properties.
Location: Northern slope of Meskheti range, gorge of river Bakhvistskali
Distance: 17 km away from Ozurgeti, 333 km — from Tbilisi
Sea level: 173 m
Climate: subtropical, winter mild, without snow, mean temperature in January 4,3 degrees; summer warm and humid, mean temperature in August 21,8 degrees centigrade
Average annual precipitation: 1880 mm
Average comparative annual humidity: 75%
Duration of annual sunny light: 1800-1900 h.

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