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Resort Bazaleti Lake

40 km away from Tbilisi, on the Bazaleti plateau is located a lake of the same name and volcanic origin. Not a single river flows into the Lake and flows out of the lake. It takes its feed only from rainfalls and underground waters rich with minerals. That is why the lake water has curing properties. It has positive impact on the body and heals dermatological, gynecological, rheumatic and bone-andjoints diseases. The climate of the lake positively influences cardiovascular diseases. There are a lot of water plants, like water lilies and reed on the lakeside that also allegedly have curing effect. Ultimate depth of the Lake is 7 m, surface area – 1,22 In January and February its surface freezes and the thickness of the ice sometimes attains even 0,5 m. In summer water temperature reaches up to 25 degrees.
There are important farming species of fish, like silver crucian carp, herring, roach, grass carp. Varicorhinus, common barbell and common carp are cultivated. Lake is the venue for sporting and consumer fishing. 
Location: front slopes of Western part of Trialeti range, foot of the Gudamakari and Lomisi range
Distance: 40 km away from Tbilisi, 5 km away from Dusheti
Sea level: 900 m
Landscape: mountainous
Climate: moderately humid subtropical climate, winter moderately cold, stable snow cover from mid-December until mid-March, mean temperature in January -1,5 degrees centigrade; summer warm, mean temperature in August 20,5 degrees centigrade
Average annual precipitation: 600-800 mm
Average comparative annual humidity: 62%
Duration of annual sunny light: 2200 h.
Natural treatment factors: low mountain climate
Types of treatment: passive climate therapy, baths in the Lake
Diseases for treatment: dermatological and gynecological diseases, rheumatic and bone-and-joints pathologies. Bazaleti climate is good for cardiovascular and ischemic diseases.

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