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Resort Beshumi

Beshumi, 120 km away from Batumi, is a mountain climatic and spa resort. It is located on Batumi-Akhaltsikhe road, 7 km from Goderdzi pass. Picturesque road leading from Batumi to Beshumi follows the gorge of river Adjaristskali rich with waterfalls. Beshumi is a settlement surrounded by coniferous (spruce, pine) forests and mountains. Low humidity and glut of ultraviolet sun rays, drinking and mineral water springs, therapeutic mud
and air with clear oxygen are used for treatment of numerous diseases, including, but not limited to, chronic diseases of respiratory tracts. There are also several outlets of mineral waters used for curing food digestion system. Starting from mid-June until the beginning of September Beshumi hosts thousands of vacationers who arrive primarily from Batumi or Akhaltsikhe. The first Saturday and Sunday of August is the date when Beshumi hosts popular festival – Shuamtoba with lots of guests attending festivities. After official ceremony exposition
of popular handicrafts, horse race, wrestling and public reveling are organized. Most of the time of the year resort area is deserted because in winter surrounding territory of Goderdzi pass is covered with snow as deep as 5-6 meters and the pass is closed for traffic.
Location: Mountainous area of Adjara, Eastern slope of Arsiani ridge
Distance: 30 km from Khulo, 120 km from Batumi, 490 km from Tbilisi (via Batumi), 240 km from Tbilisi via
Akhaltsikhe (Goderdzi pass) Sea level: 1850-1900 m
Landscape: mountainous
Climate: middle mountainous (upper belt), moderately dry; winter cold, with plenty of snow, mean temperature in January -5 degrees centigrade; summer moderately warm, humid, mean temperature in August 17 degrees
Average annual precipitation: 1100 mm
Average comparative annual humidity: 72%
Annual average number of sunlight hours: 2000 h.
Natural treatment factors: middle mountain upper belt climate, application (drinking) of mineral water
Types of therapy: passive climate therapy
Diseases for treatment: chronic respiratory diseases of children, bronchial asthma, blood deficiency, cardiovascular and alimentary system diseases 

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