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Road of Gomis Mta and Bakhmaro to be Renewed – 120 Million to be Allocated for Road Rehabilitation in Guria

120,5 million GEL will be allocated for rehabilitation of roads in Guria.

Roads Department of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure has announced a relevant state procurement.

The project is financed by the World Bank. State procurement includes road rehabilitation and maintenance. The project should be completed in 5 years.

Overall, 239.8 km road rehabilitation is planned, which includes the following sections: Sajavakho-Chokhatauri-Ozurgeti-Kobuleti, Ozurgeti-Creator-Buzhuzhe-Gomisma, Ozurgeti-Natanebi-Ureki, Shukhuti-Atsana-Mamta-Dzimeti, Natanebi-Choloki Bridge, Chokhatauri -Bakhmaro, Ozurgeti-Ninoshvili-Lesa, Chokhatauri-Zomleti.

Receiving proposals for state procurement will be completed on August 26.


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