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Spend Colourful Spring Days in a Memorable Environment – Season in Vardzia Resort Already Open!

Monotonous and dark colours of winter have been replaced by colourful spring days. We left the biting cold weather in the past and gradually start to enjoy warm spring weather.

When nature celebrates the arrival of spring, we also want to get away from the dark city with tall buildings and grey air… and become the witness or even a participant of the nature’s celebration!

When you decide to leave the town in this season, you need to consider many things. Where are you going, where will you stay, what will you see, what new food will you try, how will you relax, and finally, just how to spend some unforgettable time.

If all of the above is important to you and you wish your holidays to be full of impressions, you definitely have to visit Vardzia Resort.

A hotel complex Vardzia Resort is located in the historical region of Meskheti, opposite the town carved in the rock of Vardzia. The season at the hotel just started on March 5, welcoming its guests with a sea of surprises.

The infrastructure and architecture of the hotel is adjusted to and combined with the historical landscape of Meskheti. Here everything is authentically Meskhetian – the household, the style, the hospitality…

Recently, a spa center has been added to the hotel, where visitors can get a number of services – relax, remove tiredness, do some skincare procedures, fight cellulite…

You will receive Meskhetian hospitality, try a lot of local foods at the restaurant, and even learn to cook them. You will be trusted with the mystery of a special taste – learn to bake Meskhetian bread…

Besides culinary impressions, there are so many entertainment facilities waiting for you here: karaoke, billiard, board games, children’s playground, and many others… To put it in a nutshell, the hotel premises are adjusted to all types of different guests.

The spring colours and fragrance are the clearest on the terraces of Vardzia Resort that are now covered with orchards. They also grow their own vegetables and greens for the hotel restaurant here.

Vardzia Resort is ready to make your spring days beautiful, come here and treat yourself to real Meskhetian holidays that you will never forget.

And as a last note, very soon the hotel complex will be supplemented by a wine cellar, where the guests will be able to sample various wine types, including the ones, made locally!

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