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Wine Palace – a Place to Learn about Georgian Wine and Traditions  

The fact that Georgia is the homeland of wine is not disputed in the world anymore. Our culture and traditions of winemaking raise interest of many, often it is to learn this culture that tourists visit our country for.

Numerous mentions of Georgia in international media in the past several years increased the interest towards Tbilisi and the entire country even more.

There are a lot of hotels in the capital that offer good conditions to tourists, though not the best. If you are looking for a hotel in Tbilisi for your foreign guest and would like them to experience Georgian culture, hospitality, and traditions, you have to choose Wine Palace hotel!

Hotel has the best location in the center of Tbilisi (metro station “Technical University”, near the Sports Palace). Naturally, the location is important for tourists, as they can easily visit any tourist sight of Tbilisi.

As to the hotel itself, it belongs to boutique type and stands out with its interior and exterior. You probably guessed by its name that it is somehow connected with Georgian traditional wine, and that’s indeed so!

A staircase between the floors also has a connection to Georgian traditions. The iron staircase climbing up until the 4th floor is decorated with vine and grapes all along. As the owner of the hotel Giorgi Chkhaidze told Travel in Georgia, the staircase decorations are handmade which implies lots of hard work. But obviously the owner wanted to create an unforgettable atmosphere, so he didn’t spare either time or finances on every detail.

There are 33 rooms on 4 floors in the hotel. Walls on each floor and room are hand-painted, each with a different ornament and colours. As Giorgi Chkhaidze says, the walls were painted with elements reflecting Georgian traditions by Zurab Tsereteli and 12 painters.

Wine Palace is a 4-star hotel, thus it satisfies all European standards. All rooms have internet, TV, and international landline. There are three types of rooms in the hotel: standard, lux, and delux. Each has its own balcony, highlighting their comfort.

Hotel also has a veranda where guests can enjoy Tbilisi sun, while having delicious dishes with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. As to the dishes and the kitchen: there is a bar-restaurant with an open kitchen, so that guests can see the environment where their food is prepared.

Everything is perfect and comfort-oriented for guests and good rest in the hotel, however the wine cellar located on the ground floor exceeds all expectations. There are dozens of types of Georgian wines kept in this cellar. Tourists can visit this place at any time and sample Georgian wine and national dishes.

Not only can guests have samplings, they can also learn about Georgian wine. Besides, they can watch the process of making vodka.

It must be mentioned that the hotel owner also produces his wine. He has several hectares of vineyards in Kakheti. It is this wine that guests can bottle and then label with their own name.

It is also important that all the abovementioned is included in the hotel service and any guest can learn about Georgian wine, sample wine and chacha without any additional costs.

The sample hall can fit about 70 people and is furnished with hand-carved wooden furniture. Walls, same as other floors and rooms, are hand-painted. Old Tbilisi, kintos, kvevris – all these elements come to life on the walls of the hall.

As the hotel owner Giorgi Chkhaidze tells us, Georgian wine has a special meaning and is respected by him and his family. This is clearly visible on every wall of the hotel. Besides winemaking, the Chkhaidzes have a wine shop in Vake, in Mtskheta street. There are up to 575 types of wine in this shop, including varieties that you won’t find anywhere else!

To keep it short, Wine Palace is the place where a person interested in the Georgian wine culture should stay to learn more about our traditions, hospitality. There is everything here to get to know Georgian soul.

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