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Wizz Air to fly to Bologna, Cologne from Kutaisi International Airport

The Italian city of Bologna and the German city of Cologne will soon be added as two new destinations offered by Hungarian lowcoster Wizz Air operating from Kutaisi International Airport.

Starting November 2019, Wizz Air will fly from Kutaisi to Bologna two times a week. Flights to Cologne from Kutaisi International Airport will be available starting July 1, 2020.

Tickets for both destinations will be available starting August 23.

One of Europe’s fastest growing and leading low-cost airlines, Wizz Air will operate flights to French city of Nice two times a week starting December 12, 2019, instead of December 2020.

The airline is also increasing flight frequency to the Italian city of Milan and will fly four times a week.

Starting September 10, Wizz Air will fly to six new European directions: Brussels, Copenhagen, Basel, Eindhoven, Tallinn and Bari.

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