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Safari Club International Caucasus

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Safari Club International Caucasus
Категория: Туризм и неправительственные организации
Район: Тбилиси
Адрес: 118, Tsereteli ave.
Телефон: +995 32 2343389

“Safari Club International Caucasus” is a non-profit organization that has organized members to “Safari Club International” (SCI) from all overCaucasus. Later, the board of SCI has approved “Safari Club International Georgia, Caucasus Chapter” on August 27, 2011.
The main goal of the club is to unite all interested parts for common purpose: protect freedom to hunt not at the expense of the environment but by protecting and supporting nature, encouraging growth of flora and fauna. We believe that a hunter is a perfect guard of the environment, having best awareness and understanding of the nature.
Our organization provides recommendations for government, private sector and other NGOs in order to unite all the efforts for sustainable development of hunting industry inCaucasus. We have announced the steps that should be taken to accomplish the mission:
√      Detailed research of Flora inCaucasusand generating an action plan for its further development;
√      Improving the legal framework;
√      Developing of game parks (hunting farms);
√      Elaboration of common rules for safe hunting;
√      Promoting a hunting potential ofCaucasuson the local and international markets;
√     Organizing educational events based on rules and traditions of hunting for youth and adults;
In order to develop hunting tourism inCaucasus, some of the steps can and must be taken simultaneously, but not accomplishing previous step will loose the effectiveness of the following one.


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